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Established in early 2020 by Sally Ruckdeschel, a female entrepreneur who harboured a hatred for poorly designed underwear, dull options, and scarce boxer brief options, she soon felt the need to step in.

Her success in pioneering Eufori was partly due to her extensive background in fashion design and hyper fixation tendencies, meaning she had exactly what it takes to bring her brand to life. After heavy cardio by three sewing machines, seven pattern re-designs and a bucket load of patience, she finally created a boxer worthy of the cardio.

Rooted in sustainability, Eufori are proud pioneers of underwear that fuses a blend of beauty, durability and superior quality, without sacrificing functionality. Home to an array of conforming-fit pieces that feel like a second skin, our items are designed to be worn on repeat and stand the test of time, allowing you to construct an environmentally-conscious wardrobe.

The main attraction? They breathe. They dry quickly. The bespoke designs are next-level in comparison to store-bought pieces. Step into a bespoke Eufori piece, shatter the stigmas, set new standards for society, and wear clothes that tell a real story.

Designed in Australia, and produced by highly skilled underwear artisans internationally.